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William Mcguire Death {Sept 2020} Reason, Obituary

William Mcguire Death Updated 2020

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Melanie McGuire, a lady based out of New Jersey, was charged for murdering her husband, William Mcguire,a few years back. She killed her husband on 28 April 2004, the murder done by her was named as the “suitcase murder” by the media.

Melanie was ordered to spend the entire life in prison. Currently, she is serving her punishment at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women located in New Jersey. She will not get bail until she is 100 years old.

McGuires got married to William Mcguire and had two children. McGuire was working as a nurse at a fertility clinic and her husband, William was a computer programmer. The couple planned to shift to a bigger home in Warren County but on April 28, McGuire killed her husband and immediately dismembered the chopped body of her husband in a suitcase. The body of William was later dumped in Chesapeake Bay.

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