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Vadivel Balaji Death (Sep 2020) Cause Of Death,obituary

Vadivel Balaji Death Updated 2020

Vadivel Balaji Death (Sep 2020) Cause Of Death,obituary. >> The article outlines the demise of a popular public figure in the comedy genre.

No entertainment is complete without a good dose of humour. But when who’s known to tickle our funny bone passes away suddenly, it can feel heartbreaking to many people who enjoyed their mimicry and antics.

Recently, Vadivel Balaji, a famous Tamil comedian, passed away in such a manner. His sudden death has come as a shock to the whole Tamil entertainment industry with many actors expressing their sadness over losing such a great television personality. At the same time, Vadivel Balaji Deathhas sparked speculation over the real reason behind his sudden departure.

Scroll down the article to know more about Vadivel Balaji Death Reason.

Vadivel Balaji – A star of mimicry

A popular television personality, Valdivel appeared in many comedy shows like ‘Adhu Idhu Yedhu’ and ‘Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru’. He mimicked the famous comedian Vadivel so well that he gained the title of Vadivel.

He also acted in a few films and stage shows. He was shooting for a movie when he was taken tragically away from all of us.

When did Vadivel Balaji pass?

On Thursday, film columnist Sreedhar Pillai took to twitter to announce Vadivel Balaji Death. He wrote that the actor passed due to an illness. However, he did not elaborate on the nature of the illness. Ramesh Bala, a trade analyst, said that the Vadivel Balaji Death Reasoncould be linked to the heart attack that he suffered around two weeks ago. But is this the true reason behind his death?

Vadivel Balaji Death Reason – What can it be?

It has come out that Balaji’s family was not in a position to pay for his failing health. They were not able to carry out his treatment fully as they could not afford it. Because of it, he had to be shifted from Vijaya hospital to a government hospital.

Aranthangi Nisha, who regularly co-starred with Balaji, seem to state a different Vadivel Balaji Death Reason. According to her, he was suffering from depression since the lockdown started. It was because of the sudden halting of all television shows, including his which deprived him of a steady source of income.

Could Vadivel Balaji be saved?

According to Nisha, if it were not for the mounting financial pressures that he was facing since the last few months, his family would not have experienced such a hard time in getting him treated. If a proper treatment had been ensured in the hospital from where he was abruptly taken off mid-way, it is possible that he would have survived.

Nisha revealed that Balaji confided to her about his wife being uneducated and so unable to fend for the family. Balaji was the sole breadwinner of the family, and the lockdown put an end to whatever he could have earned.


It is indeed very disheartening when such a great talent is taken away from us suddenly at such a young age. Balaji was only 45, and he was making a good name for himself in the Tamil entertainment industry. His demise has jolted everyone awake about the uncertainties that characterise even a famous person’s life.

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