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Stevie Lee Cause Of Death (Sep 2020) Obituary, Death

Stevie Lee Cause Of Death Updated 2020

Stevie Lee Cause Of Death (Sep 2020) Obituary, Death. >> In the above article, you read about the death of a wrestler and star of the movie Jackass.

Popularly known as Puppy, the Psycho Dwarf, Stevie Lee Richardson, was a popular and successful wrestler and actor.

Many of us might be a fan of him from the 3D movie “Jackass.” This multi-talented star recently passed away, leaving his friends, family, and fans in absolute shock and pain.

Do read the following article to know more about Stevie Lee’s life and Stevie Lee Cause of Death.

Who was Stevie Lee?

Stevie Lee Richardson was a great wrestler and an actor. He was 54 years old.

As far as his wrestling career is concerned, he started it in the early 2000s. He won the title of MSPW Midget Champion. He was also nicknamed “Puppy: The Psycho Dwarf” as his height was short, and he had a wild and uncontrolled behavior on the stage.

Coming to his acting career, he appeared on Jackass 3D. With his crazy and hilarious stunts, he won the hearts of his viewers and fans. His other features include American Horror Story, Baby Fever – The Movie, Oz the Great and powerful, etc.

How did Stevie Lee die?

Stevie Lee was popularly known as “legend in Midget Wrestling” and Puppy: The Psycho Dwarf. He died on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, at the age of 54.

Stevie Lee Cause of Deathis reported to be an unexpected one. His family said that he passed away unexpectedly at his home on September 9, in a fundraising event organized by his family.

Tributes to Stevie Lee

Stevie Lee was a loved person and was appreciated by all. Even though Stevie Lee Cause of Death was not very clear, it had left his fans in a state of grief.

According to a GoFundMe tribute by his family, ” He is a legend in the art of Midget wrestling.” Impact Wrestling Organization tweeted that they send their deepest condolences to Stevie Lee’s friends and family.

Pro Wrestler Frankie Kazazian also honored Stevie Lee and appreciated his talent for acting. He wrote, “I’ll never forget the crazy tour of the United Kingdom we shared and our fun. Godspeed, my friend.”

A fundraiser was organized in his memory, wherein people were asked to share their memories and donate as per their will. All the collections from this fundraiser were sent to his family for his funeral proceedings and other services.


Stevie Lee was a star well known for his performance in Jackass. His fans were always amazed by his understanding and his bravery and yet sometimes hilarious acts. We have lost a star and a gem performer. Stevie Lee, you will be missed, always!

Please do leave your tribute and any other concerns about Stevie Lee Cause of Deathin the comments section below. May his soul rest in peace.

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