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Sanda Dia Death {Oct 2020} Death Reason, Cause of Death

Sanda Dia Death Updated 2020

Sanda Dia Death {Oct 2020} Death Reason, Cause of Death >> With the help of this blog, we want our readers to know what happened in the past regarding Sanda Dia Death.

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A student, Sanda Dia, died at Bullingdon Club-style initiation ceremony after he down pints of salty fish oil. Sanda who was 20 years died due to a tragic heart attack, the doctors believed that the reason for his death was salt poisoning. Sanda Dia died in 2018

Sanda collapsed at the initiation ceremony for the Reuzegom club held at the University of Leuven in Antwerp located in Belgium. Sanda was immediately rushed to a hospital where doctors found his body temperature had plummeted to just 28 Celsius, almost 10 degrees lower than the normal 37 Celsius.

Sanda Dia along with many other students spent many days in a log cabin inside the forest as per the instructions given by the senior members. After consuming a large amount of fish oil, the students were asked to strip off and be seated naked in the cold forest and water was poured on their body.

Sanad Dia along with two other students soon started feeling unwell. Sanda was taken to a hospital located in Malle, where his health declined rapidly. Later he was shifted to some other hospital.

However, Sanda went into coma and passed away after suffering a heart attack. While the two other students survived but were undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The investigation has already started and the police is waiting for the autopsy report to check any possible link with the oil of the fish.

The family members of Sanda Dia are asking the authorities to charge the culprits, but at the same time, they fear that some might get free due to their connections. The family members of Sanda demanded complete transparency in the investigation.

Till now, the police team has questioned several students related to the incident. Additional investigation is carried out into the death case of a Belgian student Sanda Dia.

May Sanda soul rest in peace.

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