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Myrtle Beach Police Death {Oct 2020} Cause of Death, Obituary

Myrtle Beach Police Death

Myrtle Beach Police Death {Oct 2020} Cause of Death, Obituary >>With the help of this write- up and facts available here, we want all the readers to know about the Myrtle Beach Police Death.

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Recently in South Carolina, a police officer at Myrtle Beach was killed and one police officer was injured when they reacted to a domestic instance. The police man was killed after coming under the attack by a gangster who died at that place only.

According to Amy Prock, the Police Chief, the killed officer is Jacob Hancher.

As per the available information, the shooting took place at night. The location of the incident was almost two blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean. The South Carolina Laws Enforcement Division which is solving the case issued a statement mentioning that Hancher and one more officer were reacting to a domestic phone call when this incident occurred.

Another officer was injured in the shoot-out and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

The information related to the gunman who killed the police officer is not presented. Whether the alleged gunman was killed by the police officers or due to some other reason is not clear. No more details were released immediately after the news.

According to the people living nearby, they heard several shots fired in the gun battle. Hancher who is killed by the gunman, was the first Myrtle Beach police killed doing his duty in the last 18 years.

He is the 37th police officer who got involved in a shooting in South Carolina this year. As per the information shared by the Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune, the department is sad hearing the death news of the officer. Along with serving as a police officer, Hancher also served as a volunteer member at the Fire Rescue Department.

The information related to the death of a police officer caused so much agony and pain to the loved ones. Hancher’s death news was announced by the department officials. The entire department is sad after losing one of their officers. Jacob Hancher was killed while performing his duty.

May Myrtle soul rest in peace.

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