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Mitch Lucker Death {October 2020} Reason, Cause of Death

Mitch Lucker Death Updated 2020

Mitch Lucker Death {October 2020} Reason, Cause of Death >> With the help of this write-up, we want all the readers to get all the facts related to Mitch Lucker Death.

How about getting all the facts related to Mitch Lucker Death inone place?

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Mitchell Adam “Mitch” Lucker who was a renowned American vocalist passed away in November 2012. Mitch Lucker was most popularly referred to as lead vocalist for the American deathcore band- Suicide Silence.

Mitch Lucker passed away on 1 November 2012 in the early morning. The news of his death was announced by Orange County Coroners Office. The cause of his death was multiple injuries due to a motorcycle accident. The motorcycle of Lucker got crashed on October 31 and one later, he was declared dead.

Lucker lost control of his vehicle near Huntington Beach and crashed into a big Street light pole.

As per the Orange County coroner’s office, the popular musician was declared dead early morning. He breathes last at the UCI Medical Center located in California. The police investigated the crash and all the investigation reports were declared later.

The investigation was done to determine whether Mitch was driving consuming alcohol or not.

Lucker who lives in California created Suicide Silence with a group of his friends in 2002. Some of the popular albums include created by the group include No Time for Bleed among many others.

The debut album of Mitch named- Suicide Silence was one of the greatest hits and it surpassed many records. More than 7,000 copies were sold in the starting week only. The band’s last album was The Black Crown which got released in July 2011.

Mitch Lucker was popular for his huge collection of tattoos on his body. The tattoos were printed on his arms, torso, neck, fingers, hands and also on the face. However, he always refused to get tattooed on his back. He believed that getting a tattoo on the back is like having an expensive painting that you can never see.

All the fans and known ones of Mitch got shocked hearing the sudden and untimely death of Mitch. Even thousands of Mitch’s fans gathered outside a candlelight vigil at the crash site.

Mitch will always be missed and remembered greatly by his fans and loved ones. Our heartiest condolence is with the family members of Mitch.

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