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Lonnie Norman Obituary {Oct 2020} Reason, Cause of Death

Lonnie Norman Obituary 2020

Lonnie Norman Obituary {Oct 2020} Reason, Cause of Death >> The post is to update the readers about the cause of death and Lonnie Norman Obituary services.

What if you get to know all related facts and details about Lonnie Norman Obituary?

The post below shares all the comprehensive and related details regarding the Tennessee mayor’s unexpected death, Lonnie Norman.

The acting Mayor of Manchester, Tennessee, Lonnie Norman, lost the battle with deadly virus COVID-19 on Monday, as city officials confirmed. Lonnie was admitted to the hospital early this month after being diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

After seeking treatment at the hospital for COVID-19, he finally lost the battle with the virus and breathed for the last time in the early morning of Monday, i.e., the 12th of Oct 2020.

With deep sorrow and sadness, the official statement reads to confirm the unexpected expiry of acting Mayor Lonnie Norman after seeking treatment at the hospital for COVID-19. The officials have also confirmed that Norman expired in the early hours of Monday morning after his courageous battle with the deadly virus.

Lonnie Norman was serving as the Mayor of Manchester and was first elected in the year 1991. Norman was the first black Mayor of the town that has a population of around ten thousand residents. The town is situated about 65 miles away in the southeast of Nashville.

It was the summer of 2020 when he started to serve as the acting Mayor of the city for the 3rd time. In his province, there are around 2063 cases of COVID-19, of which nine death were reported so far. Lonnie Norman is one of those who lost the battle with the deadly virus.

The dismissal of Lonnie Norman is very shocking, not only for his family and relatives but also for Manchester’s out-of-town visitors. He was one of the most liked and incredible acting Mayor of the town.

Lonnie Norman died finally at the age of 79 after being admitted to the hospital early this month. After his expiry, the town’s vice mayor, Marilyn Howard, would take the town’s charge as present acting Mayor.

According to the press released by the Board of Mayor and Alderman of the city, Lonnie Norman was a diplomat and statesmen, but above all these designations, he was thoughtful, honest, and kind to his town’s people. Today where the world is divided by caste, races, and tradition, Lonnie Norman put all his efforts during his career to bring everyone closer and together.

Lonnie was the man who was well-versed with the significance of honest debate and compromise. During his reign, he ushered the community to become stable and strong and always shared his hands with compassion and empathy.

The prayers, tributes, and condolences of politicians and visitors of the town continue to be with the deceased soul and his family members. All his beloved friends, colleagues, and relatives are shocked after his unexpected dismissal.

The family members have not disclosed yet about the Lonnie Norman Obituary services. Readers are requested to stay tuned with the page as it will be updated as soon as any new news is found.

Till then, pay your tribute to the soul of the deceased by writing in the comment section.

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