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Layne Vanderpool Obituary {Sept 2020} Death, Reason

Layne Vanderpool Obituary 2020

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On 30 June, 2020, Layne Vanderpool a 19 years old teen was badly hurt in a car collision. The crash occurred lesser than just a mile away from Richland Crawford line. A few hours later, Layne’s sister, Cassandra, gave information of her death on a social media account.

Layne was the most wonderful best friend, a great sister, daughter, and will be remembered by all the loved ones.

At the time of the crash, Layne was sitting at the forward-facing seat in the vehicle which Alyssa Pine was driving. Layne’s sister, Leah was sitting behind with her boyfriend.

In the evening, their car was hit by another car which was coming from other side.

Layne completed her graduation from Buckeye Central graduate and joined the University of Toledo.

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