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Kevin Harris Death {Oct 2020} Obituary, Cause of Death

Kevin Harris Death Updated 2020

Kevin Harris Death {Oct 2020} Obituary, Cause of Death >> Through this information, we aimed at telling you about Kevin Harris Death

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Kevin Robert Harris who is popularly named as “Track BULLY,” died on September 20, 2009. He was a music producer living in Los Angeles, California.

The news of his death was shocking for his loved ones. He was gunned down on September 20, 2009, when he was standing outside a music studio. He was killed when he was 21 years old.

Till date the murderer is not caught and the motive for his shooting is not cleared. What were the reasons for his murder is left unsolved till date as well. The murder mystery of Kevin is not solved. After years of no progress, the local officers handed the case to the FBI and get their in finding the murderer. New detectives working on this case are determined and dedicated to find the murderer.

Even the GBI is seeking public support and asking for their assistance in case they know anything related to the case and what happened to Kevin. The detectives and the entire family of Kevin is looking for every possible way to solve the murder mystery.

Kevin was gunned down in the evening when he was sitting inside his vehicle. Six years after the case, later in 2015, the FBI was roped in with the local police department so that investigation can move on to the right track.

There are higher chances that someone very close to Kevin may be a friend or a relative might have killed him. The reason could be a heated argument about their music. But this is just a theory as there is no proof related to this. After the long and disturbing history of talented hip-hop artists that are dying violently, it looks that music world sometimes become dangerous to survive.

We all are deeply saddened and shocked knowing about the loss of Kevin Harris.

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