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Kayla Mueller Cause of Death [October 2020] Death, Obituary

Kayla Mueller Cause of Death Updated 2020

Kayla Mueller Cause of Death [October 2020] Death, Obituary >> The write-up is to update and inform readers about the Kayla Mueller Cause of Death.

What if you get all associated details of Kayla Mueller Cause of Death in one place?

The post shares comprehensive details regarding the kidnap and cause of death of the American hostage, Kayla Mueller.

Over seven years now, Kayla Mueller was kidnapped by the ISIS leader in Syria, later confirmed as dead. Kayla Mueller belongs to Arizona, and she grabbed attention in the recent vice presidential debate held last Wednesday.

In the debate, the vice president of America, Mike Pence, raised the issue and story of an American hostage, Kayla Mueller. She was kidnapped, tortured, and brutally raped by the ISIS leader during President Obama’s reign. He also cited that the parents of Kayla had supported the present President, Trump. Her family said that if it was President Trump’s reign, then her daughter would have been saved, as confirmed by Pence.

Kayla Mueller was an activist from Arizona, and she completed her schooling from Northern Arizona University. Later, she started travelling across the world as a volunteer and humanitarian. Before her kidnap, Kayla served as a volunteer in the aid group back in August 2013 in Turkey. Kayla moved to Syria with one of her friends, where she started working in Aleppo.

Syria was in very bad condition with years-long civil war everywhere that was influenced by the ISIS. She was kidnapped in between the war by ISIS, and she was held there in Syria for over 18 months before her expiry is confirmed. Some of the other captivates who managed to flee from the ISIS camps have reported that she experienced brutal torture and rape by the former ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Her parents and the officials have put all their efforts into freeing her from the ISIS camp. Late in 2015, a report came from her captors that she was dead in an airstrike. Al-Baghdadi was also confirmed dead by America in their raid back in 2019, during the reign of President Donald Trump.

ISIS posted several videos back in 2014, where they showed the beheadings of many journalists. Kayla Mueller’s death was released via social media, but her parents have never discovered any remaining of the deceased.

In June 2019, the US Intelligence told her parents that the Kayla Mueller was brutally tortured and raped by the ISIS former leader. The death report of Kayla Mueller was confirmed on her 27th birthday in February.

Kayla Mueller was kidnapped with three more women, and all were abused sexually, the report confirms. Kayla Mueller put all her attempt to protect the young girls from becoming sex slaves of ISIS. She was like the mother figure for all these women.

Finally, the ISIS group has released a video where they claim that Kayla Mueller was killed in the airstrike close to Raqqah, the self-declared capital of the country. So, the Kayla Mueller Cause of Death is the airstrike, as confirmed by the US officials. But, the facts are still not cleared.

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