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Kayden Mancuso Death [October 2020] Cause of Death, Reason

Kayden Mancuso Death Updated 2020

Kayden Mancuso Death [October 2020] Cause of Death, Reason >> With the help of this blog, we intent to present the facts related to Kayden’s death through Kayden Mancuso Death.

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Kayden Mancuso, a seven-years-old was found dead in Philadelphia in 2018. The girl was discovered in her father’s home by her stepfather. Brian Sherlock, the new husband of spent many years raising Kayden. He dropped the girl at Mancuso’s three-story white house and the last thing which the girl said to her new father was that she loves her.

Mancuso hadn’t brought Kayden home that evening which raised questions in the mind of Kayden’s mom and dad. Later they both went to Manayunk’s home and knocked at the main gate. However, they heard no answers after which they called the police.

Seven-year-old Kayden was killed by her violent father in a murder-suicide case. He hit Kayden in his head with a weight and left a note on her body saying that the family got what they deserved.

Before killing his daughter and himself in his Manayunk home, Jeffrey Mancuso wrote a revengeful note which he later left on Kayden’s body.

Jeff Mancuso who was Kayden’s biological dad, was with Kayden since weekend morning. Mancuso who is 41 years old has a very long history of violent activities and related mental health troubles. Even Kayden many times told other family members that she doesn’t feel safe with her dad, mentioning how he assaulted her grandmother in front of her.

Earlier in 2012, Mancuso bit a man’s ear off in between a fight and punched their dog in the presence of Kayden.

Despite Mancuso’s horrible violent activities, he was given rights every other weekend and on holidays as well to spend time with his daughter.

According to Jennifer Sherlock, Kayden’s aunt, her sister-in-law warned the judge many times about Mancuso’s violent behavior.

May Kayden’s soul rest in peace and may God give courage to the family members to bear the loss. The medical report explained that Kayden died after being hit in the head with a weight.

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