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Kaitlyn Yozviak Cause Of Death {Sept 2020} Obituary, Reason

Kaitlyn Yozviak Cause Of Death Updated 2020

Kaitlyn Yozviak Cause Of Death {Sept 2020} Obituary, Reason >> All the data related to Kaitlyn Yozviak Cause Of Death is presented in this blog.

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The parents of Kaitlyn Yozviakwho were living in Georgia are charged after their daughter passed away a few days back. The reason for their daughter’s death was the worst medical negligence which resulted in death of their daughter.

As per the investigation, Kaitlyn’s death was much physical pain due to medical negligence.

Kaitlyn Michelle Yozviak who was 12 years ago was transported to a hospital after some medical emergency. She was pronounced dead on August 26, 2020. The parent of Kaitlyn, Mary Kathrine made an emergency call at the Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office asking for the medical help as their child was unresponsive.

A few days after the arrest of Kaitlyn’s mother, Katie Horton, Kaitlyn’s father- Joey Yozviakalso faced the same charges. Both Kaithlyn’s parents were charged for cruelty to children in the second degree and after that charged with their murder as well.

The news of Kaithlyn’s father arrest came after a vigil last Sunday where people asked for the justice of the dead person and they also asked for the arrest of the other adult members in the house.

May her soul rest in peace. All the facts related to Kaitlyn Yozviak Cause Of Deathare presented by us.

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