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Donald Haddix Obituary {Oct} Know the about Donald Death

Donald Haddix Obituary 2020

Donald Haddix Obituary {Oct} Know the about Donald Death >> The write-up helps people learn about the facts and details of Donald and the Donald Haddix Obituary.

What if you get a chance to learn all facts and details of Donald Haddix Obituaryin one place?

The post helps you to learn about all details and facts about Donald Haddix.

Donald Haddix, aka Haddix Doland T., passed away, leaving behind lots of sweet memories for the families and friends. He was in his 90s when he last breathed in this world. He died at the age of 89, and the news was very painful for the family members and relatives of Donald.

Donald Haddix died, and the news surfaced on the morning of 5th March 2020. He died at WellBridge of Fenton. Donald Haddix was born to the late Beatrice E and Thane A Haddix on the 17th of Jan 1931. He was known for his living and caring personality with a huge friend circle and relatives. Donald was married on 19th Jan 1973 to Shirley Jean Michael. His marriage venue was Burton United Methodist Church, located in the Grand Blanc.

Donald Haddix was a happy and pleased employee as a job setter. Before his retirement, Donald worked as a job setter or recruiter with Buick Motor Division. Haddix worked with the company for very long and finally retired from his job in 1982. Haddix was quite passionate about health and fitness and loved spending time for stroll walks. He also goes for running and exercises every day.

Donald Haddix also had a green thumb, and he loves doing gardening and plantation at his residence. Some of the flowers he loved the most include hollyhocks and rose of Sharon. He also loved gardening in his kitchen garden and had different plants and herbs in his garden.

Donald Haddix is survived by his beloved wife, kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. He also left behind his sister. Apart from his deceased parents, Donald preceded in his death by his beloved sisters and many relatives.

How he died is still not disclosed and made public by the family members and relatives. They were mourning after his unexpected dismissal. All are paying their tribute and condolences to the family of the deceased because of his unexpected death.

However, no information regarding the Donald Haddix Obituary and the cause of death has been discovered so far. The page will be updated once the news about the obituary and funeral services are found.

The only information found is that the funeral service was conducted on the 13th of March 2020 and the venue selected for the event was Allen Funeral Home. There is no other information about the Donald Haddix Obituary and the cause of death, and readers have to wait until the page is updated.

The family members and relatives are urging people to make a memorial contribution in place of sending flowers. The funds from the memorial contribution would go directly to the charity chosen by the donors in the memory of Donald Haddix.

If you have something to share about the obituary services or death of Donald Haddix, please write it down in the comment box.

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