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Daijiworld Obituary {Sept 2020} Cause Of Death, Reason

Daijiworld Obituary Updated 2020

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Two women, including a woman from Mangaluru, passed away in a tragic road accident at a road named Sheikh Zayed. The name of one of the lady who passed away in the accident is Ludina Monteiro who hailed from Valencia, Mangaluru, India.

At the time of the accident, Ludina was traveling in a minibus that met at an accident. The car accident occurred on 12 July 2020. Along with Ludina, 12 other people died in this tragic mishap.

Ludina Cleressa Monteiro was the daughter of Louis & the late Theresa Monteiro.

The incident happened when a 14-seater bus crashed into a road barricade on Al Manara Bridge. After the collision, the bus caught fire. The bus turned many times due to the accident and fire that occurred after the mishap killed two people.

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The death certificate of Ludina’s death was issued by the concerned authorities in Dubai.

We all are in deep shock after hearing the death news of Daijiworld. We all must stand united with Ludina’s family at this crucial time.

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