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Brice Taylor Cates Obituary {Sept 2020} Cause Of Death

Brice Taylor Cates Obituary Updated 2020

Brice Taylor Cates Obituary {Sept 2020} Cause Of Death >> With the help of the information available on social sites, we helped our readers to know Brice Taylor Cates Obituary.

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Recently we got to know that Brice Taylor Cates passed away. He died in 2014, 2020 leaving his family members shattered.

The entire family is going through hard and challenging time again. First their daughter expired and now their son also left the world. Brice Taylor passed away in July 2014 due to an ATV accident that happened just a two weeks the death of his 17-year old sister, Brianna Taylor who died in a tragic car accident. Both brother and sister were about to celebrate their birthday within few weeks.

The reason of Brice Taylor was a traumatic brain injury. According to the Police, Brice Taylor was riding on his four-wheeler at Springfield Road in Elizabethtown when his vehicle was hit by a deer. Deer throw him off and the ATV he was riding overturned in a ditch.

He was thrown off and the ATV overturned in a ditch.

Brice Taylor expired on July 5 after having injuries which happened due to ATV accident in June. The funeral of late Brice was arranged one day before 21st birthday of Brice.

Taking assistance from the presented information, we have shared all the accurate facts related to Brice Taylor Cates Obituary.

We all mourn with the entire family of Brice’ and stand with them at this crucial time.

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