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Braxton Taylor Obituary {Oct 2020} Cause of Death, Reason

Braxton Taylor Obituary Updated 2020

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In a tragic incident, seven individuals were wounded when a car drive on a crowd of almost 100 mourners who gather to attend a funeral on Milwaukee’s another side. Someone entered inside and starting firing from his vehicle.

Cedric Guy, who owns Serenity Funeral Homes, said that he was working at another side of his business when he heard the loud sound of gunshots at around 12:45 p.m.

On hearing the loud sound, he immediately called 911. He shut down everything down and starting running here and there to save himself.

Braxton Taylor, a 26 years old guy was killed in September 2020. He was shot to death and later his body was recovered at N. 35th Street. The murder mystery is yet not solved. All people at Serenity Funeral Home gathered to for Braxton Taylor funeral who was shot to death on September 17. But due to this incident, the funeral was postponed and will be arranged sometime later.

All other victims were all in the serious condition and taken to the nearby local hospital. According the sources, all people who were wounded are anticipated to survive at this time.

Milwaukee Police Chief Michael Brunson is asking the public to support the police in recognizing the shooter who did this crime. During a recent press conference, Milwaukee Police Chief Michael Brunson announced that the department is working dedicatedly to identify the suspect.

Many men and women of different age group were wounded in this shooting.

The funeral of Braxton Taylor for whom all people gathered has been postponed due to the shooting outside the funeral home. We offer our prayers to the victims and their family members who were killed in this terrible time.

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