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Alec Kreider Cause Of Death (Sep 2020) Obituary, Reason

Alec Kreider Cause Of Death Updated 2020

Alec Kreider Cause Of Death (Sep 2020) Obituary, Reason. >> This article outlines the demise of a murderer who committed suicide.

Suicide is a serious concern in today’s time. The Alec Kreider Cause of Deathis one such case.

Alec Devon Kreider was born on 4 February 1991 in the United States. He was a murderer, held for killing three Haines family members in Manheim Township in Pennsylvania on 12 May 2007. Kreider was a 16-year-old who was a high-school student when he murdered his friend and classmate Kevin Haines and Kevin’s parents, Thomas Haines and Lisa Haines. He fled from their home soon after murdering the three Haines.

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What is Alec Kreider’s story?

Kreider was a sophomore student who lived with his mother and was studying with his friend Kevin in Manheim Township High School. He killed his friend and his parents while they were sleeping and fled from the house before the police could arrive. He was arrested after a month on 16 June 2007 and was sentenced to life imprisonment for three-degree murder without making the parole possible for him. He was pleaded guilty to all the charges.

Before Alec Kreider Cause of Death, he was eligible for a resentencing hearing per the United StatesSupreme Court’s decision in 2012 in Miller v. Alabama. This case made the mandatory sentences of life for the juvenile offenders sentenced without the parole unconstitutional.

Kreider committed suicide in his prison cell on 20 January 2017 before his resentenced hearing was scheduled.

Alec’s arrest and trial

A month after Alec Kreider had murdered three Haines, his father, Timothy Scot Kreider, told the police authorities that his son has confessed about the murder he committed. Alec was arrested and was sentenced to three consecutive life imprisonment without parole.

The motive of killings was not clear. However, the investigators found in his journal that he claimed to have “despised happy people.” The Haines family offered a financial reward that remained unclaimed.

How did he die?

Alec Kreider Cause of Deathwas revealed when he hung himself in the prison cell on 20 January 2017 at SCI Camp Hill. It happened 15 days before his 26th birthday.

Our Thoughts

Alec Kreider was a 25-year-old American murderer who could not get a chance to receive a date for a resentenced hearing and committed suicide by hanging himself in his prison cell right before 15 days from his 26th birthday. His father, Tim Kreider, concerning his son’s involvement in the killings and the aftermath of the Kreider family’s emotional turmoil, wrote a book named Refuse to Drown on Alec Kreider Cause of Death.

However, we are not sure about the cause of Alec’s killings, but he was a juvenile and should have been given a chance of a resentenced hearing.

You can drop a word for the departed soul and pass your invocation to the family. Although it has been months now, we hope that they get the strength to cope up with the demise. It becomes difficult for a family to grieve on such a loss. The end of Alec’s journey was tragic.

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