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Alan Thicke Death {Sept 2020} Obituary, Cause Of Death

Alan Thicke Death Updated 2020

Alan Thicke Death {Sept 2020} Obituary, Cause Of Death >> The evidence mentioned about Alan Thicke Death help others to understand what actually happened a few years back.

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Alan Thicke who was a popular Canadian actor and songwriter passed away on December 13, 2016. Alan was the father of Robin Thicke, a popular singer.

In 2013, Alan Thicke was nominated into Canada’s Walk of Fame and was popular for playing the role of Dr. Jason Seaver.

In December 2016, Alan Thicke collapsed at the time he was playing ice hockey with his son Carter. He was playing happily with his son at Pickwick Gardens in Burbank, California. He was admitted to Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank where he passed away.

According to the death certificate of 69-year-old Canadian actor, Alan, his aorta ruptured almost three hours post developing a tear which was the reason of his death. Aorta is the primary artery inside our body whose main role is to carry blood to other parts of the body.

Alan got married three times.

It is said the months before the death of Alan, he got a serious warning concerning his heart.

May the soul of Alan rest in peace. We have shared all the information we got related to Alan Thicke Death.

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