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Adeline Fagan Obituary [Oct 2020] Cause of Death, Reason

Adeline Fagan Obituary Updated 2020

Adeline Fagan Obituary [Oct 2020] Cause of Death, Reason >> The post is related to the Adeline Fagan Obituary, and it helps the readers to get the facts about her dismissal.

Adeline Fagan Obituary – Check all the details here

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A 28-year-old lady doctor named Adeline Fagan died due to COVID-19 as she was forced to wear the same mask for weeks while offering treatment to the patients infected with this disease.

Dr. Adeline Fagan, who lived in New York, died last month after a two-month battle with the virus. She got infected while treating the patients.

Adeline Fagan was working in obstetrics and gynecology in Houston and was studying in the second year.

Who was Adeline Fagan?

According to Dr. Adeline’s parents, her goal in life was to assist people. It’s quite motivating to her that a second-year OB-GYN resident went into medicine and, later, came forward to help people in the Covid-19 pandemic. Adeline Fagan who was 28 years old was doing a rotation two months ago to treat coronavirus patients. She slowly started developing COVID-19 symptoms which later took her life.

Adeline most of the work inside the hospital involves delivering babies, but since the number of COVID-19 patients was increasing, so she was doing a rotation in the ER treating COVID patients. Despite having a history of asthma, respiratory infections, and pneumonia, Adeline was doing her duty.

Within weeks after treating COVID-19 patients, her symptoms escalated and she was admitted to a hospital. The family members of Adeline were not allowed to be with Adeline but fortunately, Adeline took her phone with her while going to the hospital. The family establishes contact with Adeline through the phone calls.

Adeline’s parents mourn her, and she will remember as a woman who spent her life helping others. A 28-year old Houston based doctor dies after battling with coronavirus. Adeline’s parents request people to stay safe and always wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

May Adeline’s soul rest in peace.

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